Never lunch alone

Join our community and meet interesting people from all over the world - remotely 

Social Distancing?

In our opinion, distancing phisically is already enough. Meet up with other people also in times of contact restrictions: 100 % COVID-free and free of charge with remoteLunch!


You’re flexible? So is remoteLunch. Share your availability and tell us what topics you are interested in.

Our intelligent algorithm finds your perfect lunch partner!

New contacts

Quarantine time can be a new  opportunity! Take advantage of it and meet new people from all over the world who you normally would have never met – for free!

Where? With a remoteLunch!


Whether trainee or CEO – everyone has their own story and we meet at eye level to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Hiding hierarchical barriers makes remoteLunch so special!

remoteLunch takes a break

We all return more and more to the offices of the Republic. Many of us now enjoy to meet again personally with our colleagues in small groups, which has led to a decrease in the number of participants at remoteLunch.

We observe the regional LockDowns and take a break – but if the worst comes to the worst we will be back soon! Until then – stay healthy and keep your distance!

What is remoteLunch?

COVID-19 keeps us all inside our own four walls – sometimes alone. There is a substitute for business meetings, but where is the conversation at the coffee machine or the lunch table? This is where remoteLunch comes into play.

Register for the upcoming calendar week with your available times and favourite (business) topics and every Sunday evening we match the remoteLunches for the upcoming week! Thanks to our intelligent matching, we bring you together with one or two interesting conversation partners – free of charge! All you need is an internet browser, microphone and webcam as well as a little curiosity and time.

What are you waiting for? Go become a remoteLuncher!

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Three steps to lunch remote…

1. Register for free

Fill out the form. Here you give us your contact details, some information about the topics you like to talk about and when you are available for remoteLunches.

Please check your availability carefully, as only reliable lunchPartners are fun for everyone!

Sign up for the newsletter

IMPORTANT: Registrations for the coming week are open until 16 o’clock (CET) on Sundays!

2. Weekly matching

Now, it’s our turn. Every Sunday evening from 4 pm on, the matches for the following calendar week will be sent by e-mail to the individual participants.

We take into account both your desired time slots and your favourite topics.

3. Bon appetit

You will meet at the given time in the remoteLunch webmeeting room and lunch & chat as long as you like.

You will get an e-mail telling you about the date / time of your match as well as the link to the room.

In order to improve our service, you will receive an evaluation mail afterwards. Here you can also register directly for the week after!

Voice of active remoteLunchers

What do people say about remoteLunch?

It’s a great change to see a different face and be able to talk a little during the daily lunch break. You will meet me here over and over again!

Julian W.

At first I was a little sceptical, but the lunch convinced me. I had a really interesting conversation about all kinds of different topics and I’m looking forward to the next round.

Katharina K.

Great idea! Especially at the moment it’s a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people once or twice a week and to think outside the box while talking.

Severin N.

Join us. Become remoteLuncher NOW

Questions? Answers!

Who’s it all for?

For everyone who is open-minded and curious. All you need is Internet access and fun meeting people.

Until when can I register?

The registration deadline for the following calendar week is always Sunday before 16:00 (CET). Afterwards, you automatically register for the week after.

Can I also have lunch in German?

Sure! When you register, you can specify your language – this will be taken into account when matching.

How does the matching take place?

Our intelligent algorithm takes into account both selected time slots and conversation interests.

Can I cancel a remoteLunch?

First of all, please try to avoid cancellations as it is always unconvenient for your lunch partner(s) if someone is absent. In case it’s unavoidable, please send us a mail to so we can provide a replacement!

Do I need special software to participate?

No, besides a stable internet connection, a simple browser like Chrome is sufficient. We use the free platform for the meetings, which does not require registration. For laptop/PC, no installation is necessary either. However, if you want to participate using your mobile, you have to install the Jitsi-App!

Do I have to re-register every week?

For now, yes. Registration is only necessary once, but filling out the form with time slots and interests is currently required weekly. We are already working on a solution with a user account to be able to transfer such information quickly for the future. Please just give us some time!

How is this project financed?

Currently out of the pocket of the team behind remoteLunch. We are a private group and do not pursue any financial interests. With this platform, we simply want to enable people to network from their home office!